Camso HackSaw 15″ x 128″ x 1.00″ 2.52″ pitch P3 9234H

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Camso HackSaw 15″ x 128″ x 1.00″ 9234H Hi-Performance Trail Track 

15″ x 128″ x 1.00″ lug height

2.52″ Pitch

PACE 3 (all windows open-guide clip every 3rd pitch)

Standard Ply Technology

Put the power you have on the snow, not out under the snow flap.  Don’t void your warranty coverage with engine modifications when a track upgrade will make better use of the power you already have and retain your warranty protection.  No matter what it’s age, give your performance sled more go on the snow with a Camso high performance trail track.

  • Crescent lug design with recessed tips and cutting edges for good forward and lateral bite on hard-packed groomed trails.
  • Rigid lugs offer excellent durability and longevity for miles and miles of use.
  • Narrow lug base means less rolling resistance for maximum top speed.
  • One inch lug height for low rolling resistance that improves fuel economy.
  • Guide clip Arctic Cat compatible.

There’s nothing like squeezing the trigger on your sled and getting high performance response.  The pull is instant and gratifying and it comes from getting the power to the snow.  Acceleration, stability, and reliability–exactly what Camso tracks are designed to do.

Camso HackSaw 15″ x 128″ x 1.00″ 9234H

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