Camso Cobra SWT 24″x 156″ x 1.50″ SP FC 9261U

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Camso Cobra SWT 24″ x 156″ x 1.50″ SP FC 9261U Utility Track

24″ x 156″ x 1.50″ lug height

2.52″ pitch

Fully Clipped

Single-Ply Deep Snow Utility Technology

Durable, high performance design for wide loads

The same durable, high performance design as the Cobra WT’s traction to spare in deep, soft or loose snow conditions, except with an even wider track for 24″ wide applications.  The track especially designed for utility users with wide sleds who seek quality.  Deep flotation, wide track designs and the traction needed when there’s work to be done.

  • Extra tall 1.50 inch lugs provide optimal traction on and off-trail applications.
  • Cupped lugs deliver excellent traction in soft, loose snow and off-trail back country explorations.
  • Lighter weight for improved efficiency and fuel economy.
  • High performance belting pulls heavier loads without track stretching.

The Camoplast Cobra SWT is a no-compromises solution for off-trail work and play.

Tracks featuring Single-Ply Technology must use support plates and studs that have been designed specifically for single ply tracks.


Camso Cobra SWT 24″ x 156″ x 1.50″ SP FC 9261U



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Weight 81 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 25 × 25 in