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Cobra 15″ X 136″ X 1.352″ 9061H

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Product Description

Camoplast Cobra Hi-Performance Trail Track 

15″ X 136″ X 1.352″ 

2.52″ Pitch, Fully Clipped

Standard Technology

Put the power you have on the snow not out under the snow flap.  Don’t void your warranty coverage with engine modifications when a track upgrade will make better use of the power you already have and retain your warranty protection.  No matter what its age, give your performance sled more go on the snow with a Camoplast high performance trail track.

  • Cupped lugs for superior handling, acceleration, and braking in soft loose snow trails.
  • Flexible lug design means excellent off-trail performance without sacrificing top speed.
  • Reduced track noise.
  • Unique traction teeth for extra grip on hard-packed snow surfaces.

The Cobra’s unique design will give excellent performance in soft snow. Squeeze the throttle and get that instant and gratifying pull that comes from getting the power to the snow.  Acceleration, stability, and reliability–that is what Camoplast high performance trail tracks are designed to do.

 Cobra 15″ X 136″ X 1.352″ 9061H  








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